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Friday, 17 July 2015

Seaweed that tastes like bacon!

Need I say more?  It is seaweed & it tastes like bacon.  All those bacon mimes put up by meat eaters are suddenly sounding a little bit hollow :-).
Scientists discovers a type of seaweed they were growing had somehow developed the taste of bacon, so they are launching it as a new product.  It may taste like bacon, but has more minerals & twice the nutritional value of kale & a ton of protein as well.
Rock on seaweed!
Here's the link

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

REVIEW: Simply naturals minerals

We bumped into a nice lady called Katherine at the Brighton Vegfest who was selling a new product called "Sizzling minerals".  I'd not heard of them before & so I got hold hold of some to try out.
You never expect anything from minerals, it is like an insurance policy, but I found for some reason those fizzy pills really woke me up like a caffeine shot!  I decided to switch things around & use them as a pre-workout (using minerals as a pre-workout, how weird is that!).  I wasn't sure if it was only me so I experimented on a friend & it had the same effect.  Now n=2 isn't really much better than n=1 I know, but I found they seemed to get me ready for training, so I thought I would pass it on.  If it works the same on you, you can avoid the caffeine & so not get so much  CNS stimulation from the caffeine & so recover better between sessions (possibly?), plus you will be getting a few extra minerals as a bonus.
I actually found them useful as pre-workout 'non-stim' type thing.  I didn't make any monstrous gains, up my deadlift by 50 pounds or anything like that, but it was interesting to try out...& I was getting a few extra minerals which can't hurt either.
After the sizzling minerals experiment I did try out the powdered form called 'Organic plant derived minerals'.  They lacked the pre-workout feeling of the pills, but they are minerals, so you shouldn't really expect that.
If you want to check them out go to or ring Simply Naturals on 07971 287830 or 01803 840656

Review: Freet - minimal footware

Opposite the Vegan Bodybuilding stall at the Great Yorkshire vegan festival I saw a stall selling shoes. They were called Freet.  I had been after a pair that would be suitable for slack lining & in the gym, so they would need to be really grippy, but still give the feet a lot of feedback.

I must admit from the front they look a little unusual with the big toe in it's own separate section to the other toes, but the soles seemed to hold the ground firmly & they did seem to give feedback from the floor.
I wasn't sure about the laces either.  They used elastic & these toggle things that grip the lace to tighten.  I didn't want the shoe flying off while moving or my foot popping out during a deadlift.  As they weren't that expensive I decide to risk it & give them a go.
 I experimented with them on the beach & in the gym & they seem pretty good.  For doing deadlifts they are very flat to the floor & have more grip than socks, so you might want to consider them for that.  I also found them pretty good for running & jumping about on the beach. The elastic & toggle 'lacing' has been fine & they are very quick to get on & off.
Your feet felt very free & could breathe.  Even going into sea water was fine as they dried quickly & when you got home a quick wash & you could hang them out to dry (they can also be washed in a machine, but I haven't tried that yet).
If you like the idea of trying out minimal footwear these might be a good choice.  I also managed to get a deal where you can get 50% off the price of any of the Freet range.
Simply hop over to pick the shoes you are after & then type in the code "PeteR" (leave out the " ").  I also checked up & they said if the size isn't right when they arrive you can change them.
I haven't had them long, but so far I have found them a good buy.  So, if you are in the market for this type of shoe, these guys support vegan events, so why not support them.