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Saturday, 25 January 2014

GUEST BLOG: Adventures in the kitchen by Anastasia

Anastasia is a powerlifter who has a BSc in Chemistry, MSc in Chemistry/Life Sciences and is currently PhD candidate in Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge.  She also has a love of healthy eating & the fitness lifestyle, so is often in the kitchen whipping up wonderful treats that actually aid you in your fitness goals.  If you are after looking good or performing well then we'll be a adding a few recipes & training ideas from Anastasia to help you reach your very best whilst still enjoying healthy treats you can put together together in minutes.
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Chocolate Cream Pancakes

-       30 g buckwheat flour
-       30 g pea protein powder
-       1 tbsp. pre-cracked or ground flax seeds
-       1-2 tbsp. cider vinegar
-       Backing powder
-       Stevia or other sweetener
-       ½ cup cannellini beans
-       ½ tsp. coconut oil

Omega-3-Choco Cream:
-       10 g flaxseed oil
-       10 g cocoa powder
-       10 g agave nectar


1)      Combine flour, pea protein, flax seeds, vinegar, backing powder and stevia
2)       Add ¼ cup of water
3)      Add beans and process everything to obtain a mushy constancy
4)      Spread coconut oil on a frying pan
5)      Pour the pancake mixture into the pan (gives 5-6 pancakes)
6)      Cook 3-4 minutes on each side (pancakes’ upper side should start blistering before you turn them)
7)      Combine ingredients for the Choco Cream and mix thoroughly
8)      Serve pancakes topped with Choco Cream and fruits

Gives one serving. Approximate nutritional information:
Pancakes: kcal 351/ carb 40g/ protein 37g/ fat 5g
Omega-3-Choco Cream: kcal 150/ carb 10g/ protein 2g/ fat 11g

Preparation time: 10 min

High Protein Chocolate Berry ‘Cheesecake’


-       ¾ cup porridge oats
-       3 tbsp. almond milk
-       Pinch of cocoa powder
-       1 small pinch of salt

-       2 cups cannellini beans
-       ¼ cup almond milk
-       2 tsp. stevia or other sweetener of choice
-       1 scoop pea protein powder
-       Vanilla

Chocolate layer:
-       ½ tbsp. cocoa powder
-       1 tsp. stevia
-       1 tbsp. almond milk

Berry layer:
-       ½ cup berries
-       1 tsp. stevia
-       ½ scoop pea protein powder


1)      Combine the curst ingredients and mix thoroughly
2)      Put the mixture between two sheets of backing paper
3)      Roll out
4)      Transfer the crust into a cake tin or food container

1)      Combine 2 cups of beans, ¼ cup of almond milk, stevia and vanilla and process
2)      Whisk in one scoop of pea protein powder
3)      Take ½ cup of the mixture out
4)      Stir in chocolate layer ingredient
5)      Spread the chocolate layer on the crust
6)      Add ½ cup of berries and additional sweetener to the residual cream mixture and process it
7)      Whisk in ½ scoop of protein powder
8)      Distribute the berry layer on top of the chocolate layer
9)      Garnish with coconut flakes and berries
10)     Refrigerate for at least one hour to obtain a ‘cheesecake’ like consistency

Gives four pieces. Approximate nutritional information per piece: kcal 216/ carb 33g/ protein 17g/ fat 2 g

Preparation time: 10-15 min
Cooling time: at least 1 hour

Notes: This cake has a low GI, contains mostly complex carbs and is high on protein. If you don’t try to avoid high GI carbs in your diet, you can always substitute stevia by more natural/ whole foods. Bananas and dates are a great alternative to stevia.
Protein powder: I use pea protein because it can be used as thickening agent. You could substitute it with other plant protein powders (sunwarrior vanilla is a tasty alternative), however, you have to add more to achieve the same consistency.