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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Vegans not getting a grip?

I came across the 2013 US grip championships today & I noticed two things:

1/ There aren't many vegans into grip stuff - unfortunately I have hands the size of a young females, so anything that involves thick grip I find impossible to do (that could be a cop-out as John Davies lifted the Apollon's Axle with tiny hands- he did it mixed grip mind you).

The only vegan grip guy I've heard of is Martin Whittred

  I think we need more!

2/ What we also need is females to get involved - look at the US national contest this year... notice which sex is somewhat see the issue there, not a single female at a national event!  How crazy is that?  I know of only one female into grip (& she's not a vegan), so we need a few more ladies to give it a try.

I do keep meaning to throw in more grip stuff myself, so I know your dilemma.  Do you bung it at the end (when you feel completely wasted), do you add in a separate session (like when???), if you throw it in early, then the grip is toasted before you end the yes I understand the problems, but we all (myself included) need to understand this basic physiological fact.  The brain is wired to the hands more closely than any other body part, just check out the homunculus to see this link portrayed graphically  (this shows the brain linkage in terms of size)
(I borrowed this pic from there are a few more there you may want to check out)

So if you are devoting zero time to developing grip, could a weak grip actually be telling the brain you aren't strong enough to reach that next strength level?  Could a strong grip in itself actually push you towards a stronger, better you?
Something to think about?