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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Creative Nature - Sublime Seed bar

These bars contain cold-pressed seeds & hemp protein. I picked up a couple at the London Vegfest to try out.
The nutritional details per bar are:
6.5g protein
16.7g carbs (11.2 is sugar)
9.7g of fat (1.4g saturates)

There is also some fibre & some sodium in there.

This bar may not fit everyone's macro-nutrient profile, especially bodybuilders at certain times of the season, but for most other athletes it is a reasonable fit as part of a snack (or a whole snack for a smaller athlete).  If you are looking for a 'sweet treat' then this isn't the bar for you. If you enjoy a more savoury, nutty taste, then I think you will like this bar a lot. Personally I prefer a less sweet bar, so it worked well for me.  Also, I found it more satiating than the 170Kcal suggests, so it might actually work in a diet situation as I'm guessing the fat & fibre keep it in the stomach longer than that small amount of calories would normally stay there & so it keeps you from getting hungry too quickly, it does this this without making you feel 'full' in a bloaty, slow way, so it could be useful to eat one (or two if you are a larger, or hungrier, athlete).
The bar had a quite moist, dense feel to it that made you think you were eating something fairly substantial, I think the mouth texture may have helped with feeling of satiation.
Generally I'd recommend the bar if you like a nutty tasting bar that isn't too sweet. One may be a little small for the bigger athlete as a stand alone snack, but as part of a snack it is easy to carry & great in an emergency.
You can find out more about creative nature here they have several other flavours of bar available & I will be giving them a go when I get the chance.
I do recommend you give them a try though.

Monday, 29 September 2014

London Vegfest 2014
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