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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The secret of success - giveaway!

 As we're getting close to Thanksgiving in the US I thought I'd give away THE secret to successful training.  It's only known to a few, but if you put this into practice you are virtually guaranteed to achieve great results!
If you can follow the real secret to training success, your gains will skyrocket & your results will improve beyond anything you've seen before.  If you do this between now & summer 2013 (for example) & if your goal is getting a beach body, you will have a real chance that you will stride onto the beach looking like an Adonis (from the neck down, exercise can't do much above that).
So, onto the real secret to successful training...."Showing up"
Yep, it sounds stupid, but for most people the hardest thing is actually getting there & doing the work.  Most people are happy to plan it, but rarely do they follow through & do it.  If you choose the other path though, if you commit to hitting the gym every planned session between now & summer 2013 (I'll let you have time off if you're ill), then you are so much more likely to achieve that goal.  So, why not really set aside that time, hit the gym every day you plan to.  Sure, go lighter if you feel a little burnt out, go heavier when you're feeling like a Kryptonian, but turn up, get into your training gear & have at it without fail & the goal will be achieved.  As a nice side effect often getting strict with the training leads to other positive traits developing, like better dietary choices (as you need to fuel those sessions), better rest (you will need that rest trust me!) & taking better care of yourself.  So, if you can do one thing, I'd say just show up, it will make the rest fall into place so much more easily!
I hope everyone in the US has a wonderful Thanksgiving & then get to the gym! SHOW UP!!!