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Friday, 28 March 2008

The importance of beans

Beans have been a mainstay of the bodybuilding & strength movement for decades. During the days of Steve Reeves & the muscle beach crowd, Steve & a lot of the muscle men of the time stayed at a boarding house where the demi-vegetarian owner (who ate fish, but mainly vegetarian & allowed no meat in the house) introduced them to the wonders of beans & eating a wholefood diet.

So, you can look good eating beans, but what about strength. Now, Bob Hoffman has a thing or two to say about beans:

“... but the beans we have-elaborate foods such as broiled lobster, caviar, or quail on toast must take a secondary position when these beans are around. And the beans have played an important part in the success of our world’s strongest weight lifting team too...”

Hoffman, Bob. Better Nutrition-for strength & health seeker, Strength & Health Publishing Co. 1940, P. 60

A quick story about Steve Stanko pulling an American record of 345 pounds in the clean & jerk during his first year of competition:

Steve walked over to Bob & said “Bob, if I put 345 pounds overhead, do I get a dinner of some of those beans Gracie makes?” Naturally Bob agreed & so Steve went up & put overhead 17 ½ pounds above his own previous record for a new US record, so that day he got his dinner of beans!

Again from: Hoffman, Bob. Better Nutrition-for strength & health seeker, Strength & Health Publishing Co. 1940, P. 60

So as you can see the old-timers whether training for strength or physique used beans as part of their diet, so you should consider them as well.
As well as cooking with beans you might want to consider sprouting them as a great addition to a salad, they can also be used to make paté or spreads as well as the more traditional stews, soups, chilli or countless other dishes you can add beans to.
You if you want to be “Full of beans”, then get full of beans!

Monday, 24 March 2008

Free Sandow books

Sandow was the Arnold of his era. The man who brought exercise (physical culture in his day) to the masses.
He was a strongman & did poses in the classic greek style.
I stumbled across a couple of his books (in ebook form) on the net & thought some of you might want to download them as they're free.
You can download them:




Simply right click on the icons & "save as" to where ever you prefer on your computer.
I haven't read them myself yet, but hopefully they'll be a good read!

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Before & after shots

You’ve all seen the ‘amazing’ transformations in those adverts. Fat boy into cut man in a couple of weeks. What an amazing product! Look, the proof’s right there with the photos, & we all know pictures never lie...or do they? Have a look at this site where a guy shows you his instant before & after shots...
Click here
Cameras do lie, so do adverts, use some sense, if it really looks too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true. To get strong & a decent physique is quite slow & takes hard work, sweat & consistency. Unfortunately, basic exercises, hard work & consistency doesn’t really sell in today’s ‘now’ society. Everyday, every meal, every training session is a small pigeon-step towards our goals. After several years you’ll be a new person, either for better or worse the choice is yours...