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Monday, 23 February 2009

Stallone at 62

I'm not sure whether this is how he looks or some added CGI, but here's the leaked picture of Stallone in his latest film 'The Expendables'.

Not a vegan thing, but assuming the pictures aren't doctored, then he's looking better than most over 60's (barring our own over 60's hunk 'Super Roland' of course :-)

'Super Roland' older than Stallone but still kicking butt in the gym :-)

Heart attack grill!

Ideas for some of you bulkers? how about an 8,000 calorie burger! You don't even need to ask if these people are crazy.
How long before we get the vegan alternative - an 8,000 cal burger with a bun deep fried in coconut fat ;-)
There's a few seconds of adverts at the beginning of this clip, but worth it to see the craziness that follows...

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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

New Slide show

Just updated the slideshow of a few Vegan Bodybuilding members & one loss. Prenna has given up being a vegan & stopped training :-(

Monday, 16 February 2009

Off the Hoof Issue 2

The second issue of "Off the Hoof" magazine is out right now. This issue includes how to eat vegan when in training (or start eating vegan if that's new to you), an interview with Savate superstar James Southwood & Amazing World Record holding Powerlifter Pat Reeves.
You can get your issue of "Off the hoof"here

PS My server appears to be playing up - there is a picture of the cover of issue 2 above, but until the server sorts itself out you'll have to trust me on that :-)