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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Pat Reeve's competes 2009

In Pat's first outing in 2009, we see her qualify for the Nationals with a bit to spare. read the full details here

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

paleo-diet : A different view

[OK Bill Pearl is veggie, not a so-called paleo-diet advocate, but at least the shorts are kind of cave man :-) - the pic is from Bill's book "Keys to the inner universe", a huge book with more exercises than you can shake a stick at & well worth buying]

For once, not my own thoughts, but another blog I stumbled across.
This site here does a good job of covering both the arguments for & the reasons against advocating the paleo-diet as an idea

Friday, 9 January 2009

Confidence to grip hard

How confident you can really grip when it's necessary? If you fell off a cliff, could you really grip that branch & stop yourself falling to your death? If you think you can have a great grip check this guy out & see if you trust your grip as much as he does...I know I don't trust mine quite that much!

Many ways to get fit

Here's one of the more unusual ways to get fit

Come over to the darkside young gym jedi :-)

Friday, 2 January 2009

Brighton Vegan Fayre 2009

Just a quick heads up on the upcoming Brighton Vegan fayre on 21 march. We'll be running a Hammer curl contest on the day (males curl 12Kg, females 8Kg) it will be for the most continuous reps, so get training.
They'll also be a few talks on the day by the VBB team with me & Robbie Hazeley (2008 over 50's Mr UK, over 50's Mr Great Britain & 7th in the over 50's Mr World) giving a talk, also world record holding powerlifter Pat Reeves & a talk by Anthony Aurelius, so we're pretty prominent in the fayre. So, get training as we'll expect you there at the fayre!
For more details check out