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Thursday, 18 November 2010

We've been training wrong!

That's right! least according to some.
I don't usually single out people who say or do stupid things, but I read this advertisement for a new DVD & it got my blood boiling!

According to this you are all making a mistake working out those silly old biceps & hamstrings.  The secret is to avoid working any of those pesky big muscles & only work the smaller accessory (how the hell do you even do that?).
Apparently she's done 10 years of scientific work (yep, I believe that one!) & experience to make this 'discovery'.  According to her you will get 'bulky' if you work any major muscle directly (What!).  Oh yea, she also advocates no more than 3 pound weight should be lifted by women.
...& there was me thinking she was just making these women burn loads of calories with light, repetitive activity & then starving them...silly me!  Gwyneth Paltrow suffering thinning bones is obviously NOTHING to do with the fact she won't lift over 3 pounds of weight, starves herself with 'cleansing' & other extreme calorie restriction. 
The fact that many of us have helped cure thinning bones with sensible weight training, a decent diet & some sunshine must be a strange coincidence.  If only we'd starved our clients & insisted they never lift anything heavy then the condition would have corrected itself as we worked those accessory muscles (Yes that was sarcasm!).
I wouldn't recommend this one for your xmas stocking - buy a decent book or DVD that shows women they are every bit as able to lift as men &, on the whole, don't get 'too bulky' unless they are genetically inclined towards muscle mass building (& that can be corrected by mild dietary modification as a rule.


Amy Phillips said...

Yeah, and that's not an air-brushed pic on the ad, either!

Vegan Bodybuilding said...

I think you could be right :-)

Anonymous said...

Please, if you have not actually gone in to see what the workout is about, dont just make sweeping comments. The 3 pound weight thing is not what you imagine. It has been taken out of context with people who has never really even attempt to try to do the workout before they make the comments. I don't think even you can do her kind of arm exercises using more than 3 lbs (for guys 5 lbs) and last through her length of workout.

Try it out before you make the comments. it is not about not lifting heavy, it is about being stupid to even try to attempt to use heavier weights doing that exercise.

Vegan Bodybuilding said...

Actually it's Traci who is making sweeping comments. Saying NO women should ever use more than 3 pound weights or they will look bulky (that is a paraphrased quote!).
Think about it are you saying that a women she NEVER lift more than a can of beans!!!
To avoid things like bone issues that her clients have been shown to develop you need to workout with weights that stimulate osteoblasts (the cells that produce bone cells) & eat adequate food to achieve a healthy bone density.
I have actually got some of her DVDs (a wonderful xmas prezzie from 'friends') so I have seen exactly what she offers in the way of training & it is not what I'd call beneficial, basically the only way she'd have any effect is to take a natural ectomorph (someone naturally skinny), underfed them & just use up calories with light movement. Trainers, like doctors should follow the "First do no harm" philosophy & this sort of dietary/training mix will lead many to ill & disappointment.
You would do a lot better checking out something like 'NROL for women' it gives you healthy & scientifically proven methods to get in shape & actually improve your health.