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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Post Thankgiving damage control - you've got it wrong!

In my view many, many people go wrong after a festive event & Thanksgiving in the US is one of those.  Firstly you eat & drink too much during the day.  Then you get up the next day & go for damage control.  Even vegans & vegetarians who may shun the turkey still often tend to overeat, then go for the old "work it off" idea by really hitting the gym after the celebration.  I actually believe this is counter-productive!
What I actually suggest is that you stick to the plan!  That's right! If you have goals & you are on your way to an objective, then do not alter the plan due to one failed meal.  Rather like if you 'fall off the wagon' one evening, the next day you right back on.  Continue the plan!  One failed meal (however big) will not cause you to destroy all progress, but throwing away the system you are using to try & make up for a bad meal will cause yet another day off the plan, another failure!  Do not go & do extra exercise, do not starve yourself.  Eat your regular food, do your normal workout, return to a stable routine.  This is the secret to success in training.  There are no quick fixes in this game.  Whether you're trying to lose fat or gain muscle, it is rational training & diet done consistently that will get you the results over time.

Over the next few days you will receive many, many 'quick fix' ideas about how you can rev up your metabolism, cut that fat super-fast.  Ignore them, in fact those suggesting it probably do not even understand what it means to have a structured goal & a plan for fat loss or muscle gain.  If you get straight back to the routine today I can guarantee that one meal will not affect you in the grand scheme of things.  If you fall off the plan & try to 'catch up' I predict failure.  Lastly, if you don't have a plan, then I can guarantee failure.  Don't waste your time on the quick fix either, take some time formulate a plan to achieve your goals & start that instead of going for the quick fix option.  That way over the winter you will slowly, but steadily achieve your goals & by summer people will be asking you for your secret!


Amy Phillips said...

True, though it can't hurt too much to step things up a bit this weekend! But I agree--try to stay consistent. For me, I "keep with the plan" so that on days when my cravings are out of control, I can indulge a bit and not lose my mind. Even though sometimes it feels like two steps forward one step back, I keep reminding myself that one step did make it through.

Peter said...

This year we made 2 Tofurkys (Nov) and a Celebration roast (Dec). Yes-Lot's of food BUT we great meal variations with the leftovers for more than a week. Great post on Post Thanksgiving!!
Foggy Vegan