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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Early bird workouts & the spine

During the night the gaps between the vertebrae expands & fills with fluid. This process, called ‘hydration’, is reversed when we wake up.
If you are one of those that exercise in the morning, it would be wise to bear in mind that it takes 45mins-1hour for the spine to dehydrate, & before that it is slightly less stable & prone to injury, so jumping out of bed & hitting a heavy set of squats or overhead pressing may not be the best idea you’ve had! Some light stretching could be done in that time, but much else is increasing the risk of injury.
If you are an early bird trainer, making the effort to arise just that little bit earlier to allow dehydration to occur in the spine could mean the difference between a consistent training routine & a visit to the chiropractor.
I would also recommend a decent stretching routine to keep the back 100%. I recommend you try out Lou's self help DVD's here as before you even buy anything you can actually phone the guy & get his personal help with any problems, THEN decide if you'd like to purchase his DVD's to help with any other problems or to pre-hab your body to prevent injury in the first place!

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