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Monday, 15 February 2016

Bfree gluten-free breads


By Pete Ryan

Finding gluten-free bread as a vegan can be problematic.  For some reason makers love to put egg, dairy, or some other nasty in there?  I admit that making a good gluten-free bread isn’t as straight forward as making bread with wheat in it, so it is great to find a brand that is completely vegan and gluten-free.  I am not a gluten-free person, I still consume gluten regularly, but I know many people who are, so I often get gluten-free products so that no one feels left out.  I will be comparing these to the wheaty products I normally consume, so this is not so much these compared to the best gluten-free out there, but these against the best other products out there. As a side note, these are a little more expensive than the wheat-based versions, but they are comparable in price to other gluten-free products out there.
Lastly these are my opinions on the products, you may disagree (and that is fine). We all have different taste buds and prefer different mouth textures we enjoy, so go search them out and try them for yourself.  I have found some of these on tescos and I am sure other places must sell them as well.

Bfree brown seeded loaf

This tasted like a normal wholegrain loaf to me. I haven’t really much else to say, if you have eaten wholegrain bread and liked it, then you will like this.  It is a small loaf, but taste and mouth sensation are the same. It also holds together well if you pack them for travel.  I used these going over the South Downs and took some to a vegan event when I was on a stall all day. They did well, surviving all the travelling.

Bfree soft white loaf

I am not really a fan of the texture of white bread, so although I found this a good copy, it wasn’t my favourite.  If you like white bread, you will like this, and as a side note, it is nutritionally superior to wheaty white bread.

Bfree Bagels

I like bagels.  I found these to be a better than white wheat flour bagels, but not quite as good as wholegrain wheat bagels.  Nutritionally they contain more fibre than the white bagels as well.  They were firm, held together well when filled and my gluten-free friend thought they had gone to heaven, so I suspect any gluten-free people out there would enjoy them a lot. If you like white flour bagels, try these instead for a change.

Bfree soft white roll

I’m repeating myself, but I prefer the texture of wholegrain breads.  This was not quite the texture of a white roll, it was more like a half and half texture-wise.  Very bread-like though.  If I enjoyed white bread these could easily replace it for me.

Bfree wrap

I liked the wraps a lot! I tried these first, the texture and ability to hold together when filled with damp salad was good.  Add some hummus to the mix and you have something special.  I rate these a lot.

Bfree quinoa and chia wrap

I tried these ones after the plain wraps.  These were even better in my view. If you want a wrap I would choose these over any other wrap I have ever tasted. The chia and quinoa give it a little texture and taste that boosts the flavours of the fillings. I liked these a lot!

Final thoughts

These are the best gluten-free breads I have tasted.  As I said I am not gluten-free myself, so I am comparing these to traditional bread.  They easily out-perform all the gluten-free breads I have  tasted and some of the products equal traditional bread (the brown bread loaf for example equals brown bread), and in some cases surpasses the wheat originals (the plain wraps and even better the quinoa and chia wraps are better, in my view, to the wheaty equivalents). I was not best to judge the white products as I am not fond of that consistency, but they seemed close to the original, although veering a hint towards the wholegrain, like a half and half product in the wheaty world. If that is what you enjoy, then give these a go, even of you eat wheat, as nutritionally they are far superior to the white wheat bread versions.
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