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Monday, 16 November 2015

Adventures with Vegan Runners

October 31st is the day before World vegan Day and so it was nice to get involved with Vegan Runners for the day and help out at a free food giveaway at a Park Run in Hove Park.  The date coincided with the 8th anniversary of the Hove Park Run, so it was a good excuse to give some free stuff away. There was support from Vegusto, Koko, the Level Loving Hut and others to help make the event something a little bit special.
If you aren’t familiar with Park Run, they hold 5Km races all over the UK every Saturday Morning.  The idea is to encourage people to get a little fitter and it is open to everyone, from the serious athlete to the fun runner, or even walker if running isn’t yet an option for you.

There were a lot of Vegans at the event.  I am not sure if Vegan Runners was the biggest group at the event, but they were certainly wearing the most team shirts of any running team at the event.
The race started at 9AM and most people are finished by 9.30.  As people passed the finish line we passed out food and drinks, including a vast array of cakes, chocolate coconut milk, fake cheeses and a host of other goodies.  I was encouraged to see the amount of interest the stall had with people actually interested in modifying their lifestyles, not just grabbing free stuff.
So whether you are fast, slow or middling. If you enjoy running and are considering a move to plant-based eating you may want to pop over to Vegan Runners and see how they can help you out.
I enjoyed meeting everybody and had a fun time out with the VR gang.  It is always fun to meet other people into fitness especially if they share your concern for animals, the environment and their own health.

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