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Friday, 16 October 2015

REVIEW: Veganicity Pea Protein and Supergreens

I got to try these two products recently.  As it happens I would always suggest that you try to eat a ‘green food’ whenever you consume a protein shake as it will up the nutritional content of the food and it makes sense that you will assimilate things better if you have a full array of nutrients as you digest your food.

Pea protein

Veganicity pea protein is an unflavoured pea protein.  It contains no fillers, no sweeteners, no flavours.  It is just pure protein, with the tiniest hint of carbohydrates & a tiny amount of fat. For anyone who likes adding things for flavour like fruit, or just likes their protein without flavourings then this is an ideal product for you.  It is quick and easy to use.  I tried it on its own, with supergreens (see below) & also with other beneficial ingredients like ginger, cinnamon, turmeric (with black pepper, turmeric should always be taken with a little black pepper to aid assimilation) and a few other variations that increased the beneficial properties of the shake. Personally, I like shakes made with a ‘milk alternative’, so most of the shakes were made using that.  I also used a nutribullet as the mixing device as I own one & it is great for shake whizzing.
I prefer the texture of pea protein to rice & hemp.  Pea is a little faster to assimilate than hemp protein, that means that it is a better choice for post-workout, it also has a better consistency than rice protein which can be a little ‘puffy’ when you add it to a shaker (makes a little cloud), rice is also a bit more granular to the palate than pea after you have mixed it .
Taste is harder to say.  I do not mind the taste at all.  Other people hate it. The same can be said for every protein powder.  Each has a unique taste that you either like, or loathe.  Your best bet is to try one packet.  If you do not like it, try adding some flavours first like banana, frozen berries, cocoa powder or similar.  Make sure it is something you like.   If you really can’t get on with it as a shake, most people find it ok for adding into gravy or soups to increase the thickness, or in cooking, so it probably won’t be wasted.
The statistics are per 100g, 81g is protein, with a couple of grams of carbs & a couple of grams of fat. As it has no flavours, sweeteners or fillers it has one of the higher protein percentages of the popular powders out there, but do be aware it is not flavoured at all, so it tastes just of pea protein!

Veganicity Supergreens

I really liked this product.  I include some form of ‘green product’ into all the shakes I consume.  This can be chlorella, moringa, spirulina, wheat or barley grass.  I always have something.  I found Veganicity Supergreens to be the best tasting I have come across so far. It contains a lot of stuff.  Spirulina, wheat & barley grass, chlorella, broccoli, spinach, celery, kale, & carrot. Two teaspoons gives you the equivalent of 3 servings of vegetables! It also has quite a more subtle taste than some green powders I have tried.  If you add it AM it would be a good boost to start the day, if you added it after training then you will aid recovery.  I cannot see a negative to adding a green powder to a shake especially if you intend to have a shake without a green powder anyway...why not just add a couple of teaspoons and get that extra nutritional boost?
Positives are it tastes relatively mild compared to some other green powders out there, it increases the phytonutrients in any shake by quite a bit & it is a good mixture of different plants. The negatives are...well I guess you do have to buy it & you do have to remember to add it to your shake.  That is about it really.  Veganicity Supergreens are the best green powder I have tasted (this is my opinion, you may disagree), so I will probably be using it more than any other brand I have tried. Mix it with Veganicity pea protein & possibly a few other bits like turmeric, black pepper and cinnamon, and you will have created a phytonutrient bonanza that will boost your immune system, lower your risk of several diseases & increased your chances of staying healthy as you age.

You can get Veganicity Pea Protein from
You can get Veganicity Supergreens from 

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Unknown said...

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Jordan said...

Seems like an awesome alternative for those who don't want animal protein. I have been needing to get some more green in my diet - might give these a try. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it!

Vegan Bodybuilding said...

No worries Jordan. Thanks for taking the time to make a comment. The greens are the best tasting I have found of the 'greens products' so far. I cannot really taste much difference when I added them (but that is me). If you use the code VEGANBODY2015 you get 35% off as well.

Unknown said...

Seems like an awesome alternative for those who don't want animal protein
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