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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Review: Freet - minimal footware

Opposite the Vegan Bodybuilding stall at the Great Yorkshire vegan festival I saw a stall selling shoes. They were called Freet.  I had been after a pair that would be suitable for slack lining & in the gym, so they would need to be really grippy, but still give the feet a lot of feedback.

I must admit from the front they look a little unusual with the big toe in it's own separate section to the other toes, but the soles seemed to hold the ground firmly & they did seem to give feedback from the floor.
I wasn't sure about the laces either.  They used elastic & these toggle things that grip the lace to tighten.  I didn't want the shoe flying off while moving or my foot popping out during a deadlift.  As they weren't that expensive I decide to risk it & give them a go.
 I experimented with them on the beach & in the gym & they seem pretty good.  For doing deadlifts they are very flat to the floor & have more grip than socks, so you might want to consider them for that.  I also found them pretty good for running & jumping about on the beach. The elastic & toggle 'lacing' has been fine & they are very quick to get on & off.
Your feet felt very free & could breathe.  Even going into sea water was fine as they dried quickly & when you got home a quick wash & you could hang them out to dry (they can also be washed in a machine, but I haven't tried that yet).
If you like the idea of trying out minimal footwear these might be a good choice.  I also managed to get a deal where you can get 50% off the price of any of the Freet range.
Simply hop over to pick the shoes you are after & then type in the code "PeteR" (leave out the " ").  I also checked up & they said if the size isn't right when they arrive you can change them.
I haven't had them long, but so far I have found them a good buy.  So, if you are in the market for this type of shoe, these guys support vegan events, so why not support them.

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