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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

GUEST POST: Soy Protein Isolate by Rob Di Franco

Editors note: Soya is a hotly debated issue, which is surprising as the science has all really pointed one way in recent years.  Issues of GMOs & propaganda has muddied the issue to such an extent that many people are unclear what is fact & what is fiction.  On the Vegan Bodybuilding forum we've have spent some time gathering a lot of the science about soya together.  We don't really delve so much into the whole GMO side (as the science hasn't been done on that at all), but more the whole oestrogen/feminising effects debate, you can find a lot of the research about soya & health on the forum & we are adding to it all the time as new information is discovered so you can join in & keep up to date by going here & checking out the forum. Now on with the post...


Ideal for Vegans, Soy Protein Isolate offers a lot more to consumers than your average protein shake.
For those who are unsure, Soy Protein is made from Soya flakes that are defatted and have most of the carbohydrates removed. It’s considered an excellent protein source amongst fitness enthusiasts and contains essential amino acids.
Soy Protein Isolate also boasts the highest score of protein digestibility corrected amino acid (PDCAAS) meaning that it’s of the highest quality protein. It’s also a slow digesting product, making it ideal to consume during the evening to fuel your body throughout a period in which your body looks to recover the most (during your sleep).
Ideal for building and maintaining muscle, Soy Protein Isolate is gluten free and lactose friendly. Aimed also at improving your general health, this impressive supplement also consists of a high Arginine content, which has been shown to increase blood flow in the body, thus leading to an increased recovery time.
It was once thought that Soy Protein Isolate would affect oestrogen production but, further research has shown that it doesn’t and in fact only affects oestrogen in a positive way by contributing to healthy oestrogen levels.
Soy Protein is an ideal supplement for vegans looking for a high quality protein supplement, which is rich in amino acids and provides you with numerous health benefits. 

A note about the author:
Rob Di Franco works for the supplement company Pro-10, for more details about their company check them out here

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