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Saturday, 12 October 2013

REVIEW: Curry & cobnuts

This is a mixed bag of stuff today.  First off Curry!
Panjaban curry


I found these curry sauces at the London Vegfest.  The Naga was the hottest (I believe), but I also bought several milder versions to test out.  I never normally like bought curry sauces as much as those made from scratch, but these were actually pretty good.  They may not be perfect for some people on a very low calorie cutting phase, but at the moment I'm jumping up a weight class, so getting enough calories is my main issue.  If you are on an average calorie intake these will be an good choice if you want to knock out a curry at speed.  I tried four of the flavours & everyone I tried was pretty good (obviously it depends a couple are quite hot, so be aware of the hotness before buying).  I'd give them a thumbs up :-).
You can find out more about these curries by clicking here



I'm not sure if you can even get these in other countries, but in the UK, for a few weeks in Autumn, you can find the elusive cobnut.  Cobnuts are a type of hazelnut.  They are grown in Kent as far as I know & that may be the only place for all I know?
These do not taste like hazelnuts.  They have a shell you can bite open (assuming your teeth are reasonable).  My method is to peel off the outside leafy cover, crunch the shell open with my teeth & then tuck into fresh cobnut! As you only get a few weeks to enjoy them, it's a brief fab treat as you have 12 months before you can get them again.
Here we go a brief cobnut background (thanks Mr Google!!!) seems there are only about 700 acres of cobnuts in the whole of the UK! I'm guessing calorie-wise they are about the same as other hazelnuts?
I think they are a super cool nut, so I thought you'd be interested.

Now all we need is for someone to invent a cobnut curry :-)

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