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Friday, 15 March 2013

Bodycheck pre-workout supplement

Review written by Alex Mitchell Amateur vegan bodybuilder
I am a complete sceptic when it comes to products. Especially products that claim, you can decrease time between workouts by taking a few simple pills. I was always in gyms and training with people who will dismiss these types of products as placebos and unnecessary.

But then I tried it; at first I saw some improvement, after training legs as an example. I wasn’t so stiff; I could actually move and sit down with relative ease. This was brilliant because it allowed me to concentrate fully on cardio the next day without having my legs dragging behind me.

When I was reaching the midpoint of the cycle, I did feel like I had far more energy. Instead of being tired and sluggish for morning cardio I felt better rested, more energetic. Much like when you have had that perfect night’s sleep and eaten cleaner for a while; you get this invincible feeling almost. At the midpoint of the supplement bottle this is how I felt.

I have come towards the end of this bottle, which is unfortunate. But let’s look at the results. At the beginning of the thirty days I was doing cardio four mornings during the week, weights 5 times a week and cardio after weights (I am currently on a cut). I was sluggish tired and found my weights slowly creeping up but still not augmenting as you wish. Then after this 30 days (90 in a bottle and you take three a day) I can up my cardio, because 4 mornings was too easy. Of course it’s still hard but I feel far more capable. And on the weights front I am not restricted by the aches and pains experienced usually with this course of training, and the weights used were still going up at an accelerated rate.

So coming into the supplement as a sceptic I would definitely say that I am a converted fan, and I will be buying another bottle.

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