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Friday, 5 August 2011

CONTEST! London Vegan Festival

The latest news is we have a last minute event at this years London Vegan Festival 2011 We have a dumbbell shoulder press contest with females lifting an 8Kg dumbbell for repetitions & males lifting a 16Kg dumbbell for repetitions. The winners will be the one's doing the most repetitions. The contest will be at 2.45 in the main hall.
Main sponsors of the event are:
Fitness Superstore
Good Hemp Nutrition
Viridian vitamins
& as usual we'll try & get everyone who enters a prize on the day!
So hopefully I'll see you all there on Sunday 21 August at Kensington Town Hall W8 7NX pop along to the stall & either enter the contest or come along & cheer them on at the main stage 2.45!


We've just had confirmation of the exact prizes we are getting from fitness superstore

So, for the male & female winner to share we have:

pull-up bar with handles

65cm pilates/stability ball

That's along with a choice of 1Kg tub of either choc or strawberry hemp protein powder from Good Hemp Nutrition

A bottle of DHA/EPA pills from v-pure

& some selected supplements from viridian

Those are for the male & female winners - we will try to make sure everyone who enters has a prize on the day!

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Maigrir said...

Very nice body ! It must take a long time and many effort to get it