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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Vegan Strength Nutrition

OK, just in case you've missed them (as I'm asked quite a lot) on the VBB website there are several guides. I'm including some here. Bear in mind that this is a starting place, from there you monitor your results, as obviously you metabolism, your activity levels, your exact goals etc will all play a part in your overall results. So these are not exact formulas you have to follow to the letter, they are guidelines, or to be more accurate guesses based on scientific research, some variation is to be expected, so monitor to make sure you are heading towards your goals.
Anyway I'll put up the eating program below, this won't get you into contest shape if you're a bodybuilder, nor get you to the powerlifting finals as those require a more personalised approach, but they will get you going towards your goals of more muscle mass or less fat.

Vegan Strength Nutrition 2
You can download your own copy to keep or print out here

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