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Monday, 23 February 2009

Stallone at 62

I'm not sure whether this is how he looks or some added CGI, but here's the leaked picture of Stallone in his latest film 'The Expendables'.

Not a vegan thing, but assuming the pictures aren't doctored, then he's looking better than most over 60's (barring our own over 60's hunk 'Super Roland' of course :-)

'Super Roland' older than Stallone but still kicking butt in the gym :-)


TraderDave said...

the picture is probably not doctored, but Stallone's body credibility is poor since he has been caught red handed importing steroids for personal use

Anonymous said...

In all actuality Stallone is using HGH Human Growth Hormone. He does not take steroids. That is really him with the use of HGH.

Vegan Bodybuilding said...

Unfortunately you are wrong, he also uses prescription testosterone as well, see for an interview where he says - testosterone good for 'quality of life' - & (paraphrased) - will be available over the counter within the decade. Sorry to disappoint you :-(.