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Monday, 1 December 2008

The link between malnutrition & violence

Found this bit of useful info about the link between violence & malnutrition here

Strangely enough I was just rereading Bob Hoffman's 1940's book 'Better nutrition' & he was mentioning about meat consumption & how the tribes that ate most where most dominant & violent in certain regions of the world. So, in effect Bob Hoffman could be saying (without realising it) that the higher the meat intake of these tribes the more malnourished they were becoming (through lack of fruits & vegetables), so the more violent they have become!
Violence when being malnourished would be a survival trait. You would need to move to an area where there is more food (which may be occupied by other humans or violent animals), you could reduce your tribe size by violence within the tribe until it was small enough to get enough food to be nourished properly, or you would have to fight to get your share of any nutrition available. It makes a kind of evolutionary sense the more malnourished you are, the more violent you are.

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MishimaSan said...

That's interesting. I never thought about it that way. Good post.