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Sunday, 3 February 2008

Individual form

Suppose you had the best squatter in the world turned up at your gym. Suppose you could imitate exactly his form & little techniques. Do you suppose it would make you the best squatter you could be by doing that...well no it wouldn’t, unless you had the same tendon attachments, skeletal structure, and muscular strengths that guy had. It’s likely you’ll have to lift slightly different to everyone else (even Mr Perfect squat!).
There is no such thing as textbook perfect form, there is perfect form FOR YOU, but that could be very different to the way others do it. When training you must learn ‘body awareness’, never do something that feels wrong or causes pain, even if it’s a picture perfect rep, just because the movement is perfect doesn’t mean it’s perfect for you. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t try & incorporate tips & techniques from others, as that’s how you learn, but introduce them intelligently. Start light & if it feels wrong, then drop it & find another way, or another exercise that does a similar job. There are 1001 ways to reach your goal & your best way is unique, so go & begin the search for the perfect way for you to reach your goals.

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